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The General Table of Natural Gas Generator Sets: 10KW-1000KW

0.8PF,50HZ,3P4W,Brushless Self Excitation,IP23、H poles,Apply to:Pipeline gas、LNG、CNG、Associated Gas、Coalbed Methane、Shale Gas、Biogas etc.





Gas consumption 100% load(m³/h) Electrical efficiency(%) STAMFORD LEROY SOMER MARATHON FARADAY Dimention Of Genset Open Data(mm)


4006-23TRS1 22.921(6) 85 0.374 HCI 444FS LSA 46.2 VL12 MP-320-4  FD4M  4646*1992*2189 6056
4006-23TRS2 22.921(6) 101 0.384 HCI 544C LSA 47.2 M7 MP-400-4A/S FD4L 4646*1992*2189 6056
4008-30TRS1 30.561(8) 116 0.379 HCI 544D LSA 47.2 M7 MP-480-4A/S FD5S 5540*1992*2283 7485
4008-30TRS2 30.561(8) 135 0.385 HCI 544F-S LSA 49.1 S4A MX-500-4  FD5M 5540*1992*2283 7485
4016-61TRS1 61.123(16) 237 0.384 LVI 634F LSA  49.1 L11 MX-1030-4  FD6B 4641*1836*2148 * 10120
4016-61TRS1 61.123(16) 268 0.386 LVI 634G LSA 50.2 M6 MX-1240-4 FD7A 4641*1836*2148* 10120

*without water tank

1、also available in the following voltages:440/254V,415/240V,380/220V,220/115,200/115V,
2、According to customer needs, can choose other brand generator: Stanford, leroy somer, etc
3、Prime Power: Under variable load,continuous operation,Overload of 10% permitted for 1 hour in every 12 hours operation.(Test meets ISO8528)
4、Standby Power:Under emergency state,the max output of varying load ,No overload is permitted.
5、Under the conditon of Standard Natural Gas test, every degree electricity gas consumption about 0.26-0.35m³,the sets power higher,the unit consumption lower.
6、This information to help customers choose model establishment, for reference only, such as technical parameters are subject to change, without prior notice, please contact with engineering and technical personnel.
7、-S:Soundproof sets,open type sets without"S"。