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Containerized Power Plan
    Containerized Power Plan

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  • The Lega containerized power plants use two kinds of cabinets such as 20-foot cabinet and 40-foot cabinet and the Cummins or Perkins can be used to provide power. Plus the mature design capacity of container power plant, the unit has always performed well.
  • The Lega container power plant uses the standard container design and bottom fork position design to facilitate lifting and transport. A number of sound-proofing cottons are used inside to effectively reduce the noise, and the shock absorption rubber mat is used among the engine, the generator and the base to reduce shock so that the unit runs more stably.





Cabinet is converted from 20 feet / 40 feet container

Heightening design and rational mechanism

Metal perforate plate and sound-proofing cottons are laid around the cabinet

Effectively reduce the noise

The non-slip aluminum plates are used for flooring in the cabinet

User-friendly design and safer use

Multiple safety measures

People-oriented and safety first

Rigorous factory test

Quality assurance

Install noise reduction devices on the air inlet/outlet and smoke outlet

Quiet and green

Complete accompanying data

Convenient installation, operation and maintenance


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