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Rental series
    Rental series

  รหัส : RentalSeries




1.High strength base frame and canopy, vibration isolator between genser and Base.
2.Canopy Design with features like bund fuel tank, strength Central lifting and forklift holes in the base. Easy to transport and install
3.2000L Double-deck Fuel tank with access batch for cleaning, could supply 24hr continuous.
4.Large capacity and advanced Water filter. (Option)
5.Heavy duty maintenance free battery and battery charger.
6. excellent silencers: Industrial Silencers with flexible connects and elbow
7.High quality sound absorbing material: The interior is lined with type fire retardant sound absorbing cotton, and door is airproof with rubber specific for car doors usd only, which helps absorb massive noise and heat during the operation.
8.Automatic fuel supply system and integrated fuel gauge
9.Anti-corrosion powder painting

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